Russian Intermediate I

Course Status: 
CEU code: 
SLTG 5134
CEU credits: 
ECTS credits: 
Academic year: 
Start and end dates: 
19 Sep 2016 - 9 Dec 2016
Diana Vakhrusheva


Semester: Fall
September 21 – December 9, 2016

CEU credits: 2
ECTS credits: 4

Instructor: Diana Vakhrusheva
Consultation: by appointment

Rationale. The Russian Intermediate I course is designed for those students who are already familiar with basics of Russian language and need to deepen their knowledge. It is expected that mainly the History department students will participate in these classes and whose primary goal is an ability to read historical sources in Russian language. That is why the focus of the course is on improving the reading, writing and listening skills rather than speaking.

Leaning Outcomes. By the end of the Fall term the hard-working students will be able to:

  • write official letters and emails;
  • create their CV-s in Russian;
  • improve their communication skills in both reading and understanding texts.

Mode of study.

Regular participation in the class work: discussions in groups, reading, completing exercises. The special attention should be paid to independent work and doing home assignments as the number of the classes is quite limited

Course format.

 Each week we will have either one 100 minutes or two 50 minutes classes (to be discussed during the first class).

Course materials for the class will include (but are not limited) the following works:

  • И. Осипова. Ключ 2. Учебник русского языка для продолжающих А2-В2. – Budapest: Corvina Kiadó, 2008 – 232 c.
  • John Murray, Sarah Smyth. Intermediate Russian: A Grammar and Workbook – Routledge. – First published 2001.
  • Л.В. Ефремова, Н.Н. Захарова, Е.В. Пронина. Интересуемся историей России: учебное пособие для иностранных учащихся. – Тула: изд-во ТулГУ. – 415 с.
  • Г.Л. Скворцова. Глаголы движения – без ошибок: Пособие для студентов, изучающих русский язык как иностранный / Г.Л. Скворцова. – 6-е изд. – М.: Русский язык. Курсы, 2010. – 136 с.

Online resources:

Information portal dedicated to Russian language including the words correct spelling check in several Academic dictionaries, directory materials, on-line consultations, etc.



Course requirements: Students are expected to attend all classes. Missing a class without excuse will not be tolerated. Students are also expected to come prepared. Grades will be based on:

  • presence and participation - 70%
  • words dictation and interim tests - 15%
  • final assignment - 15%



Tentative Course Schedule *

*    In this approximate syllabus the emphasis is made on the topic of grammar. One should keep in mind that while learning grammar we will pay specific attention to the practice of reading. During the Introductory lesson we will discuss which period of Russian history the students are interested in and writing their Master thesis. Based on their answers the suggested themes and texts can be replaced. 




Week 1

Lesson 1

Lesson 2


Introductory class

Background appraisal test

Week 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4


Vocabulary, situations, culture:

  • Appearance, clothes, accessories
  • Identifying and describing people


  • Time constructions: в детстве, в молодости, ...
  • Prepositional and Instrumental Cases
  • Conditional mood



Week 3

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

Vocabulary, situations, culture:

  • Home
  • Types of shops


  • Complex sentence: СПП с союзом который
  • Participle: Причастие
  • Verbs of motion

Week 4

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Vocabulary, situations, culture:

  • Public transport: Как мне доехать до…


  • Verbs of motion: Present and Past tenses usage of идти, ходить, ехать, ездить
  • Dative and Accusative cases
  • Demonstrative pronouns

Week 5

Lesson 9

Lesson 10

Vocabulary, situations, culture:

  • Profession
  • CV


  • Imperative mood
  • The verb aspect usage in Imperative mood
  • Genitive Case

Week 6 Lesson 11

Lesson 12

Vocabulary, situations, culture:

  • Travelling abroad
  • Applying visa


  • Time constructions
  • Constructions of place and goal
  • Revision



Week 7

Lesson 13

Lesson 14

The linguistic test


Vocabulary, situations, culture:

  • Letter writing etiquette 


  • Prefixed verbs of motion: выйти, зайти, уйти
  • Negative pronouns: ни у кого, ни о ком, ни с чем…

Week 8

Lesson 15

Lesson 16


  • The “Hypnotist” by A.P.Chekhov


  • Verb aspects
  • Verbs ending with -ся
  • Impersonal constructions

Week 9

Lesson 17

Lesson 18


  • Dreams, future plans


  • Subjunctive mood: бы + прошедшее время глагола
  • Comparison constructions

Week 10

Lesson 19

Lesson 20

Vocabulary, situations, culture:

  • Winter holidays in Russia


  • Time constructions: после чего
  • Expressions for cause-result relations: поэтому, потому что
  • Goal construction: чтобы + инфинитив



Week 11

Lesson 21

Lesson 22


  • Word building: compound nouns
  • Place construction: рядом с чем, около чего
  • Pronouns сам, сама, само, сами

Week 12

Lesson 23

Lesson 24


Final test