Russian Beginner I

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SLTG 5034
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Start and end dates: 
18 Sep 2017 - 8 Dec 2017
Irina Toth

Semester: Fall 2017

Instructor: Irina Toth
Phone: +36205966535


This course offers a great opportunity to everyone who wants to learn Russian. While it is originally aimed at teaching Russian as a source language to CEU students who need it for their research, the course fits well everyone who simply wishes to learn that language.

Leaning Outcome: By the end of the fall term diligent students will: know how to read and write both in print and in handwriting; acquire ability to work with adapted texts with the help of a dictionary; understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type; introduce themselves and others and ask and answer questions about personal details such as where they live, people they know and things they have; interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

Course format: There will be two classes per week. During the classes we will learn the new material and practice it. We will also be reading adapted texts. There will be home assignments but its amount will be set with the idea that learning the language might not be a priority for students.

Course materials: Materials for the class will include but are not limited to the following works:


  • Чернышев Станислав, Поехали! Русский язык для взрослых. Начальный курс.
  • Ю.Г. Овсиенко. Русский язык для начинающих. М: 2008.
  • C.А. Хавронина, А.И. Широченская. Русский язык в упражнениях. М: 2009.


Attendance Policy: Regular attendance (at least 10 sessions out of 12 sessions) is mandatory for everyone, including those who are registered only for Audit. (According to the SLTG Guidelines, students signed up for Audit who fail to meet this requirement will be given a W, or withdraw, grade.)


Week Tentative Learning Plan*

Week 1 Lesson 1. Introductory class / background appraisal

Lesson 2. Cyrillic alphabet (letters and sounds)

Week 2 Lesson 1. Cyrillic alphabet (letters and sounds)

Lesson 2. The noun (Gender and Plural forms)

Theme: Name, profession

Week 3 Lesson 1. Verbs

Lesson 2. Possessive constructions

Week 4 Lesson 1. Past tense of verbs

Lesson 2. Prepositional Case

Theme: My day

Week 5 Lesson 1. Adjectives

Lesson 2. Accusative Case

Week 6 Lesson 1. Dative Case

Lesson 2. Prepositional case of adjectives

Week 7 Lesson 1. Verbs with suffix -ся

Lesson 2. Verbs «мочь», «уметь»

Week 8 Lesson 1. Verbs of motion

Lesson 2. Verbs of motion

Theme: Travelling

Week 9 Lesson 1. Genitive case

Lesson 2. Genitive case. Plural nouns

Week 10 Lesson 1. Verb Aspects

Lesson 2. Dative case

Week 11 Lesson 1. Imperative forms of verbs

Lesson 2. Instrumental Case

Week 12 Lesson 1. Comparative forms of adjectives

Lesson 2. Verbs of motion with prefixes

*May change based on class progress and students needs.