Russian Beginner II

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SLTG 5334
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8 Jan 2018 - 30 Mar 2018
Irina Toth

Semester: Winter 2017

Instructor: Irina Toth
Phone: +36205966535


Rationale: Russian Beginner II is an advanced Beginner level course. It is designed for those who have already learnt the very basics of the Russian language and wish to advance. The course will foster students’ capacities to work with texts independently. With the help of the dictionary, students will be able to read and understand texts.

Leaning Outcome: By the end of the term diligent students will improve their ability to communicate in Russian as well as read and understand Russian texts. It is impossible to advance beginner level without getting a good grasp of the case system in Russian. For that reason, the part of the course dedicated to grammar will be entirely concentrated on leaning cases. Apart from grammar we will spend time reading, increasing vocabulary and improving communication skills.

Course format: Each week we will have two 50 minutes classes scheduled one after another with 10 minutes break in between. Usually the first class will be dedicated to learning the new material and practicing it. During the second class we will continue practicing new material learnt during the first class. We will also be reading adapted texts.

Course materials: Materials for the class will include but are not limited to the following works:
C.А. Хавронина, А.И. Широченская. Русский язык в упражнениях. М: 2009.
Чернышев Станислав. Поехали! Русский язык для взрослых. Начальный курс.

Шкатулка: Пособие по чтению для иностранцев, начинающих изучать русский язык / Под ред. О.Э. Чубаровой.

Н. В. Кабяк, Очень простые истории.

Course requirements: Students are expected to attend all classes. Missing a class without excuse shall not be tolerated. Students are also expected to come prepared.


Tentative Learning Plan

Week 1

Irregular verbs

Week 2

Verbs of motion

Week 3

Genitive case singular

Week 4

Genitive case plural

Week 5

Aspects of verbs

Week 6

Aspects of verbs

Week 7

Dative Case

Week 8

Imperative forms

Week 9

Instrumental case

Week 10

Degrees of comparison

Week 11

Verbs of motion with prefixes

Week 12


Final test

Tentative Course Schedule *

*    In this approximate biweekly syllabus the emphasis is made on the topic of grammar. One should keep in mind that while learning grammar we will pay specific attention to the practice of reading. The schedule may be subject to change based on class progress and students needs.