Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Beginner I

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SLTG 5027
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17 Sep 2018 - 7 Dec 2018
Marijana Kardum

Bosnian Croatian Serbian Beginner I


Introduction to the Language and Culture of Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia

Language Course, 2 credits

2018 Fall Term


Instructor: Marijana Kardum (Department of History, CEU)

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By appointment


Learning Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian at CEU

Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian are three standard languages spoken by the majority of population of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro. They are mutually intelligible languages belonging to the South Slavic branch of languages. Partly for that reason and partly because of their shared historical development, they are often considered to be the three standard versions of one Serbo-Croatian, or Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language. Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian languages share a common core, which enables all their speakers to communicate freely with one another. Students might choose to concentrate on Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian, but focusing on any of these languages will allow them to comprehend and to communicate throughout the region where these languages are spoken.


Goals and learning outcomes. The aim of the Beginner I course and its successive course in the winter semester is to introduce students to the basics of reading, speaking, and writing of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. The focus of the course will lie on acquiring the skills of reading and text comprehension needed for scientific research.


Format. Every session will be dedicated to introducing a new grammatical topic as well as new vocabulary tied to a particular theme. Classes are based on active student participation. Each session will begin with a short repetition of main vocabulary and grammar of the previous session(s). Students will receive regular homework, which will be checked in class. The course is open for everyone. No previous knowledge of Bosnian, Croatian, or Serbian is required.


Assessment. Regular attendance (minimum of 10 sessions out of 12) is mandatory for all course attendants (including those registered for audit). Further absence will be compensated by extra homework covering the material missed by the student. Performance will be assessed by class participation (5%), 5 short quizzes of 5-10 minutes every other week (35%), and a final written exam (60%).


Readings. Čilaš-Mikulić, Marica, Milvia Gulešić Macheta, Dinka Pasini and Sanda Lucija Udier. Hrvatski za početnike 1 (Book and Grammar/Exercise book). Zagreb: Hrvatska sveučilišna naklada, 2015.


Week 1


Introduction to the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian


Pronunciation of vowels and consonants

The present tense of the verb “to be”

Personal pronouns

Week 2

Nouns and gender

Word order in a sentence

Professions, countries and nationalities

Week 3

Possessive pronouns

Interrogative pronouns

Plural of nouns


Family and friends

Week 4


Describing people and things

Week 5

The present tense


Getting information

Week 6

Modal verbs


Week 7


Clothes, Furniture

Week 8

The past tense



Week 9

Future tense

Travelling, Seasons, Weather

Week 10

Reflexive verbs

Daily life

Week 11

Revision and Exercises

Week 12

Final exam